White Frog Café ~ Environmental Tree Project

Here is How You Can Help Us Grow Our Impact

White Frog Café was founded on the concept of doing what we can with what we have been given to help our community and our neighbors. It is with this in mind that we are starting our next community project that will benefit not only our Canadian and Colombian communities but the entire world!

Buy a Tree

Help support the rejuvenation of a tropical forest in Colombia by purchasing a tree for our coffee forest.

With the purchase of a tree, 25% of the purchase price will be donated to a local Canadian charity. (Working with various local Alberta charities). With a purchase you will receive a picture of the tree along with an official certificate of
ownership to recognize your support. You will also be given the coordinates of the tropical forest so you can google map the location and be able to check on the growth and progress of the forest for years to come.

Consider purchasing a tree as a birthday gift, holiday gift, graduation gift, or as a special tribute to someone special for a birth or memorial.

Your Tree Will:

Buy a Tree

To purchase a tree, please click on the tree that you would like to purchase.

1 Banana tree

(3 year life cycle)

1 Tree native to the tropical forest

(Estimated 300 year protected life cycle). Some of the native trees include fruit trees such as but not limited to... Mango, Maracuya (Passion Fruit), Guayaba (Guava), Tangerine, Avocado and more...

Make a Donation

To make a donation to our tree project, click here... Any denomination of donation is welcome and very much appreciated.

W.B Dark Premium, 340 G Bag

$17 ~ Dark Whole Bean Coffee

W.B Med. Premium, 340 G Bag

$17 ~ Whole Bean Medium Coffee

Thank you so much for supporting our project and helping us help those in need. We truly appreciate your support and help
to spread the word about our project. Please take the time to click on this link and share this post on your social media.

Our goal for the first year is to plant 1000 banana trees and 1000 various native trees. Our long term goal is to plant 1 000 000 trees. Imagine the amount of air that will be filtered and food that will be produced over the next 300 years from our coffee forest. One small Canadian company can make a huge contribution to our environment and change peoples lives.

Thank-you for your support,


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