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Our Colombian Coffee
Our farm is located in the beautiful province of Boyacá in the municipality of Chinavita, Colombia, growing some of the best coffee.
Fresh Roasted
Our farm is located in the beautiful province of Boyacá in the municipality of Chinavita, Colombia, growing some of the best coffee.

Rich and Delicious Coffee from Colombia to Your Cup


The love for coffee has been passed on through the family for over 100 years. We are proud to continue these traditions and be growing our coffee and bringing it to Canada straight to your cup.

Growing Quality Coffee

With decades of experience passed on through the generations our family is producing top quality coffee.


Professional roasting of our coffee beans is what brings out the exceptional quality flavors of the bean.


Bringing our coffee to Canada and sharing it with you has been a dream come true.


We have acquired a commercial space and are operating a coffee shop (to go items only), a beautiful collection of local artisans work, and a roastery that will be running soon.

We offer free delivery in the Sylvan Lake, Red Deer and Penhold areas.

Our Local Café

Read Sylvan Lake News Article Here

White Frog Café is now operating out of a beautiful, historic, stone house in downtown Sylvan Lake. 5025 46th Street, Sylvan Lake, is where you will find White Frog Café, Coffeehouse & Roastery. The stone house was built in 1913, the year the town was founded and is one of the last original buildings from that time period. The amazing piece of Sylvan Lake history is where you can now go to get a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans (whole or ground), as well as a delicious hot or cold drink and baked treat. The coffee roasting machine is set up in the front of the shop and customers are encouraged to watch the roasting process and ask questions to owners Ronald and Kelly. Ronald was born and raised on the coffee farm in Colombia where the beans are grown and is always happy to share his knowledge of the entire coffee growing process. There is also a beautiful collection of local artisans work available for purchase and featured in the gift shop. Come spring time White Frog Café will have tables and chairs in a beautifully landscaped yard where customers are going to be encouraged to take their cup of coffee and relax in the garden.

Our Products

Coffee beans

The variety of coffee in our region in Colombia is Castillo. Castillo is known for its smoothness, aroma, and citric acidity. Castillo has contributed to the sustainability of the Colombian coffee industry, since it requires less fungicides. Our coffee is graded by the American Association of Specialty Coffee and comes in at 84+ points making it Premium quality or higher.

Medium Roast

Medium roasted coffee beans are brown colored and can sometimes have oil on the surface. These beans are heated until about 400-430 degrees Fahrenheit and create beans that have a more balanced overall flavor in terms of acidity and body. Medium roast coffee beans contain more caramel sweetness and darker flavors compared to the light roast, and it’s not as bright or acidic as the light. People enjoy its middle ground balance between the acidity of a light roast and deep flavors of a dark roast.

Dark Roast

Dark roasted coffee beans are dark brown, almost black, in color and have an oily surface. The beans are heated up to 430-450 degrees Fahrenheit and that creates beans that don’t contain much of the coffee bean’s original characteristics. A dark roast makes a cup of coffee with low acidity, heavy body, and an overall bolder and deeper flavors. These type of beans are not as diverse in terms of flavor and are more uniform containing mostly chocolate, caramel, and nutty flavors. The dark roast is a perfect choice for espresso when you grind it to the desired espresso grind.

Green Coffee

Green coffee is the name for coffee that has not yet been roasted. Green coffee is extracted from the seeds of the coffee cherry, freed from the pulp and dried. Green coffee is a natural product. The coffee beans are actually seeds and grow in pairs in a coffee cherry. After harvesting, the pulp is removed and the green coffee is dried before it is packed in jute bags for transport to Canada. We sell our green coffee beans to roasteries and to coffee lovers alike who want the freedom of roasting their own coffee beans.

Enjoy Premium Coffee Today!

Our Products


We know firsthand that the farmers do so much work and at the end of the day they don’t get very good money for their beans. We feel that coffee being imported to Canada and being sold here for top dollar, the farmer deserves to benefit from that. We are starting our own certification we are calling “White Frog Certification, FAIR PAID“.

What is 'Fair Paid?'


Any coffee that we bring to Canada from Colombia and sold here in Canada, we will give the farmer of that coffee $.25 per pound to be invested back into their farm to better their farming situation.

About Us


The name for the company White Frog Café, came about one evening when we were discussing what to call our business. Ronald’s brother took the photo of the little white frog on one of our coffee plants and sent it to us at the exact time we were having the name discussion. It seemed fitting to call the company White Frog Café, named after this little guy who lives amongst the coffee plants.


The farm is located in the province of Boyacá in the municipality of Chinavita, Colombia. The elevation of the farm is 1700 meters. The variety of coffee is Castillo. We own a one-hectare plot of land and have 5000 coffee plants on this land. We have family and neighbors that also have coffee farms that are involved in our coffee project. All of these farms have the same quality, variety and is grown in the same elevation as our farm. All together we have access to approx. 10 000 lbs of coffee including our farm, our family farms, and neighbors in the immediate area.